Imagine Cup

What is the difference between Imagine Cup and Microsoft Imagine Fund?

The short answer: If you are a US student Imagine Cup is Microsoft Imagine Fund.

As a US student, you can now apply to be accepted into the Microsoft Imagine Fund – an early stage student startup fund and school that provides you and your team with seed money to help kick off your business and a 10 week long immersive program with access to tools, learning resources, technical experts and 1:1 mentoring.

If you are a US student there are two ways you can participate in Imagine Cup:

1: Apply for the Microsoft Imagine Fund
If you are accepted you will have the chance to be one of the three finalists to participate in the Imagine Cup World Semifinals – and you will compete for a spot at the World Finals event hosted in Seattle in July 2014.

Learn more about how this works in the 2014 US Imagine Cup Rules and Regulations

2: Participate in one (or more) of the awesome new challenges
Project Blueprint Challenge (November-December): Dig deep into your thinking and deliver a written project proposal highlighting your users, requirements, scenarios, and business model.
User Experience Challenge (January-February): How will people actually use your software? A great user experience transforms any solution so show us your user flow, wireframes, and a visual target for how your software will look on screen.

And that’s not all: We’ve got a lot more goodness for student developers yet to come, including the return of our global trivia quiz, Brain Games 2.0. Subscribe to our Insiders Newsletter to get the latest news and join us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for these at the Imagine Cup Website


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