Core Team

mattMatt Thompson As General Manager of Microsoft’s developer & platform evangelism efforts, Matt has the first hand opportunity to both observe and work with a number of Silicon Valley’s most unique technology startups. His time is split between working with this influential community of technologists as they adopt Microsoft technologies (including Microsoft’s cloud offering, Windows Azure, and new phone platform, Windows Phone 7); advising a number of early stage startups; and working with Microsoft customers & partners as they implement solutions on top of the breadth of the Microsoft platform offerings. Previously, as Sr. Director of Sun’s Cloud engineering organization Matt was responsible for the development of Sun’s platform as a service offering and related cloud developer tools. In a previous role, Matt was responsible for Sun’s developer program and technology outreach worldwide. When not working you’ll likely find Matt off an island somewhere following his passion, underwater photography. Twitter: @developerfish

562826_4351866356250_1259942050_nMarion Boiteux Marion is the Developer Marketing Lead for Students at Microsoft. She manages the US Imagine Cup, the world’s largest student developer competition.



brooke_lloydBrooke Lloyd is the Developer Marketing Lead for Startups in the U.S. at Microsoft.  He collaborates with the regional US Developer Evangelist teams, Microsoft Ventures and key US partners to deliver the best experience for startups to learn, adopt and build on Microsoft’s platform.  A key aspect of this role is developing the best vehicles to deliver an elite technical and business engagement strategy that takes developers from ideation to launch to scaling.  As a co-founder of the Imagine Fund, Brooke seeks to go further into the early stage processes and integrate the student startup world with the professional.   Building these bridges will lead to a stronger, more adept startup eco-system.  Previously, Brooke worked for startups in San Francisco and Santiago, Chile that included a range of industries from medical devices and media to non-profit.  While in business school at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, Brooke was Vice President of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship and helped run the University wide Business Plan and Business pitch competitions.  He is currently a judge for Start-up Chile and sits on startup boards as a strategic advisor.

MuratMurat K. Berme is a program manager with Microsoft Ventures where he has the awesome job of giving away expensive things for free to the world’s best up-and-coming startups.  Many years ago he used to design circuit boards and write code in assembly language, but then he got suckered into building an ERP for a small business.  Turns out that building an ERP from scratch requires understanding the business inside and out, which led Murat to fall in love with how companies actually work, survive, and thrive.  As a reformed engineer, he has spent the past few years advising on strategy and operations for Samsung Electronics, AOL Ventures, and now Microsoft.  You can follow his ramblings via twitter: @muratkberme

GLGitte-Lena Andersen Gitte-Lena owns the execution of the Microsoft Imagine Fund and US Imagine Cup program at Microsoft. As an independent Marketing Consultant she has led the conceptualization, planning, and launch of leading-edge community management, audience engagement, and demand generation initiatives for Microsoft for the past eight years and has played a part in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup for the past five. Before moving to Seattle in 2004 Gitte-Lena held different sales and marketing roles in both Denmark and Italy. Gitte-Lena received her undergraduate degree in Business and her MBA in International Marketing & Management from Copenhagen Business School, and has recently earned certificate degrees in Project Management and Social Media Marketing from University of Washington.


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